Email scam alert: messages impersonating UB employees (3/30/20)

Description of the phish / scam

Scammers are targeting UB employees by sending email claiming to be real UB employees and asking them to make purchases or complete other tasks on their behalf.  An example looks something like this: 

Hello...are you available now?

Please I need your assistant urgently 

Sam A. Smith
Assistant Professor at the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department 
123 Furnas Hall
Buffalo NY, 14260
University at Buffalo

How you can tell it is a scam

  • The email address may appear to include the legitimate employees name, but often uses a non-UB email address.
  • Urgent language is being used to get an immediate response.
  • If you respond, the scammer will typically claim to be unavailable by phone.

I think I have been scammed. What should I do?

Report the phishing message.

If you have purchased anything for the scammer, please contact the UB Information Security Office and University Police immediately.