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UBIT SECURITY ALERT, 10/6/15: UB Administrator Phish 06-Oct-2015

Learn about UBIT Alerts

UBIT Alerts inform the UB community about IT service outages and scheduled maintenance. Use them to determine if a problem you are experiencing is widespread, and to plan around future maintenance.

Viewing UBIT Alerts

You may see the current UBIT Alerts by:

When Is a UBIT Alert Issued?

IT staff may issue a UBIT Alert for any of the following reasons:

  • Planned maintenance to an IT service or infrastructure
  • Unplanned outage of any IT service or infrastructure
  • Updates to previous maintenance- or outage-related UBIT Alerts
  • Announcements about changes in IT services

UBIT Services Status Dashboard

The UBIT Services Dashboard (shown at right) shows the status of selected IT services. The dashboard represents the effect of all present maintenance and outages.

Additional Announcement Information


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