UBIT produces a variety of rigorous reports and conducts surveys to understand how our constituents are using technology, to identify trends which will inform planning, and to develop service improvements.

Learn more about UBIT's recent accomplishments, performance against our goals and plans and challenges as we move forward.
Closer than you think: The future of technology is already happening.
Each fall semester, UBIT launches a broad IT experience survey that assesses student technology usage, satisfaction with IT services, and other topical questions. Frequencies are the simple tabulation tables for each survey. Reports are data analyses with longitudinal comparisons.
The Instructional Facilities Steering Committee (IFSC) was formed to take action and make recommendations to the Capital Planning Committee on issues regarding policies and implementation of classroom utilization, classroom standards and design and other classroom space issues such as modernizing multimedia technologies and classroom maintenance.
The TechQual+ core survey has been developed through multiple rounds of qualitative and quantitative data collection from many participating institutions nationwide.  
This is the first UBIT survey specifically designed to delve into the specific technology needs and preferences of University at Buffalo faculty.

Questions about campus IT surveys should be sent to Diana Tuorto of IT Communication and Engagement.