Top UBIT Projects

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Learn how UB Information Technology is making sure that our students, faculty and staff have everything they need for success with these recent project highlights.

UB Wi-Fi Boost

UB Wi-Fi Boost

2015-2017: Working with the campus community, UB built a better Wi-Fi network across all three campuses. This three-year effort brought improved Wi-Fi coverage to many areas, including heavily trafficked buildings and outdoor areas.
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Wired Network Switch Replacements

2016-2020: Concurrent with the UB Wi-Fi BOOST, the Wired Network Switch Replacement project is aimed at fortifying and updating UB's communications infrastructure for the next generation of scholars, doctors and scientists. 
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UB Wi-Fi Boost


2016: With a bewildering number of storage options available on the Web, UBIT stepped in to provision an enterprise sync-and-share solution for the entire campus. UBbox greatly improves on the feature set of the UB File Service.
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UB Wi-Fi Boost

UBIT Help Center Improvements

2015-2016: In 2015 UBIT created a new "IT Customer Service" division to deliver quality, end-to-end care to students, faculty and staff. We also added a second full-service location Help Center location in Abbott Hall, and made many updates to the way we handle IT problems and requests.

UB Wi-Fi Boost

Distribued Antenna System

2014-2016: Thanks to the distributed antenna system, Verizon customers are already enjoying better service in the Ellicott Complex, Governors, Student Union, Knox Hall, Norton Hall, Capen Hall, Talbert Hall and many other areas, with Jacobs, Alfiero, and Lockwood coming by the Fall 2016 semester.
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UB Wi-Fi Boost

Pathfinder Tool

2016: Beginning Fall 2016, undergraduate students will select Pathway courses in support of the new general education curriculum.  These courses allow students to customize their education, integrate their classes, and pursue an idea wherever it may take them. The PathFinder tool is a planning tool to aid students in the selection of these Pathway courses.

UB Wi-Fi Boost

Proactive Information Security

2014-2016: This evolving project of the Information Security Office analyzes authentication (login) sources from around the university in order to recognize unusual patterns of access. When such a pattern is detected (for example, logging into a UB service from abroad while also logging into UB Wi-Fi), UBIT alerts the customer through the UBIT Help Center. 

UB Wi-Fi Boost

Digital Classroom Technology

2015-2017: In order to give faculty and students better technology to improve teaching and learning, UBIT is systematically refreshing the technology in all 150 centrally scheduled classrooms. The upgrade provides HDMI connectors for newer laptops, touch-enabled monitors and digital document cameras to replace overhead transparency projectors.

Downtown Campus Communications Infrastructure

2009-2015: Working with the City of Buffalo, the NFTA, National Grid, and the BNMC, UB has built an extensive and flexible grid of communications conduits and manholes throughout the Downtown Campus.  These pathways have allowed the installation of inter-building fiber optic cables with massive data capacities, and will provide the flexibility to connect to many additional buildings, either UB-owned or those of UB’s partnering organizations.

UB Wi-Fi Boost

iprint@UB Upgrade

2016: The summer upgrade will offer easier "iprint anywhere" setup for printing to public computing sites from a laptop or home, and the ability to print from mobile devices.