Top UBIT Projects

Learn how UB Information Technology is making sure that our students, faculty and staff have everything they need for success with these recent project highlights.

2020 projects.
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Grow projects are those that incrementally enhance, extend or differentiate existing business capabilities. The focus is on improved performance/efficiency in workflow provided by additional features/functionality.

Transform projects may offer a new service, not offered before and completely transform or innovate business capabilities, technologies employed, the business workflow and/or the culture. These projects provide the largest impact for the financial investment. The focus is on value creation, alignment with overall technology strategy and/or institutional goals.

Run - 
projects may have mandatory or regulatory requirements, or they may be utility projects required to ”keep the lights on” These projects may be related to life cycle management of hardware or software (end of life, end of support, regular lifecycle patches/upgrades etc.), or they may be an expansion of existing services for capacity or geographically. The focus is on risk to the organization and containing cost.

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Featured projects

MS 365

laptop with MS365 running.

UB is piloting MS365, providing UBIT staff the opportunity to test and learn more about it in preparation for offering it to the campus in the near future.

Self-Service Print Stations

A graduate student using the UB Print Anywhere (powered by Wepa) kiosk in Silverman Library.

Beginning August 2020, UB has a new, self-service model of printing. UB Print Anywhere (powered by Wepa) allows students to print from a Cybrary computer, their own computer, or even their phone, to kiosks in locations around North, South and Medical campuses.

VoIP Phone Replacement

As of May 2018, UBIT is starting a two-year project to replace most campus phones, which are nearing end of their support from Cisco. Replacement options include Jabber, which is available on your computer or mobile device.

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