UBIT Innovative Technologies Award

Student assistants working in the VPCIO area: Want to develop cutting-edge skills, learn problem-solving techniques or work on professional development? 

The UBIT Innovative Technologies Award supports learning opportunities in transformative technology and innovation in digital environments. Two annual awards of up to $500* each are given for professional development or learning experiences designed to enhance UBIT Student Assistants’ technical, leadership and problem-solving capacities.

What does the Innovative Technologies Award fund?

  • Professional or personal development opportunities, such as a conference, training or seminar
  • Software licenses or hardware
  • Learning opportunities such as micro-credentialing and badging courses
  • Developing an application, tool or other available resource to others



Students meeting all of the following criteria are eligible to apply:

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit applications during the designated period
  2. The Innovative Technologies Award committee will evaluate and score all eligible applicants
  3. The committee will contact the awardees

Award Deliverables

Awardees must:

  • Submit copies of relevant project materials
  • Present the results of their project


UBIT employee mentors may be available to assist with the application and project implementation stage. Mentoring availability will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature of the project and available resources. For more information about mentoring, please contact ubit-communication@buffalo.edu.  

Other Considerations

The application process and project must be completed outside of a student assistant’s work hours for the VPCIO area. ​

*Taxes will automatically be taken out of the award check. The total award amount is subject to applicable taxes. Consult with your tax advisor if you have questions.

2018 UBIT Innovative Technologies Award Recipients

The 2018 recipients were Samuel Gura, a student assistant with IT Customer Service Field Services, and Patrick O'Shea, a creative/graphic design student with IT Communication and Engagement.

Patrick O'Shea, VPCIO J. Brice Bible, and Samuel Gura.

Left to right: Patrick O'Shea, VPCIO J. Brice Bible, and Samuel Gura

Sam’s award funded a CompTIA A+ certification, which provides core knowledge about information technology and operations.

Patrick’s award funded video equipment to start a production company focused on short documentarian, research journalism pieces.