Winter Tuition and Fees

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In addition to tuition and fees, other charges may be assessed on your account, such as Student Medical Insurancemeal planshousing or departmental fees. When determining your cost of attendance, please take these charges into account. University tuition and fees are subject to change.

Winter 2020 Tuition and Fees

Resident Non-Resident Non-Resident Online

Winter 2020 Non-Resident Online Per Credit Hour

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Career Tuition: Non-Resident Online Per Credit Hour Fees*: Non-Resident Online Per Credit Hour Total**: Non-Resident Online Per Credit Hour
Undergraduate $353.00 $61.90 $414.90
Graduate $565.00 $61.90 $626.90
MBA $750.00 $61.90 $811.90
Master of Social Work $654.00 $61.90 $715.90
Nursing Practice $1,281.00 $61.90 $1,342.90

*Fees Include:

** Additional Fees

In addition to the per credit hour tuition and fees listed above, all students will be charged a $5.00 transcript fee.

Online Tuition Information

Non-resident students enrolled in UB’s online courses are eligible for special tuition rates if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled exclusively in online courses
  • Have not had an address in New York State within the last fiscal year (July 1-June 30)**

**Current students’ residency status at the time of their enrollment at UB will be used to determine the residency requirement for online tuition rates.

Note: New York State residents enrolled in online courses will be charged the tuition rate for resident students.

Eligible Courses for Online Rate Ineligible Courses for Online Rate
Online real time Hybrid both online and in-person
Online real time and recorded In classroom
Online, recorded not real time Online class, in-person exam

Class Fees

Winter 2020 Class Fees
Course Number Section Course Description Fee Amount
ART210LAB A Intro to Photography
ART211LAB A Basic Painting $157.00

Winter Session Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tuition charge for taking a class during winter session?

The tuition rates for the winter session are the same as the preceding fall term. 

When must I drop a winter course to avoid financial liability?

Winter course work must be dropped according to the liability deadlines established for winter in order to avoid financial liability for tuition and fees.

When will I see aid for the winter session on my student account?

Financial aid will appear as ‘anticipated’ on the student account and labeled as Spring. Only currently enrolled undergraduate University at Buffalo students may be eligible for aid for the winter session. Financial aid eligibility is based upon the combined winter and spring registration. Contact your financial aid advisor prior to registering for winter session courses.

Will my spring financial aid awards pay for my winter session charges?

Your spring financial aid may pay for both winter and spring charges. If your award is not enough to cover both terms, you will see a balance that remains on both the winter and spring term. Keep in mind, additional charges will reduce any anticipated refunds.

How do I purchase my spring academic books and supplies for winter courses with my Financial Aid funds?

Please visit the UB Card staff at 1Capen to confirm if you are eligible to use financial aid funds in this manner.

When are my loans going to disburse and refund if I take classes during the winter session?

Financial aid funds will disburse to the student’s account in late January.  If there is a credit on the account, refunds will be done after the spring census date.