Comprehensive Fee

The Comprehensive Fee is a consolidation of campus-required fees which support several university services. The Comprehensive Fee is paid by all students at the University at Buffalo, unless they meet fee waiver requirements.

Employees of the university are not eligible for a Comprehensive Fee waiver.

Comprehensive Fee Summary

The Comprehensive Fee was implemented in 1998. It is a consolidation of SUNY and campus-required fees, which support several University services and programs. All students at the University at Buffalo pay the Comprehensive Fee, unless they meet fee waiver requirements available for some fees. Many of the schools in the Mid-American Conference, of which UB is a member, also have a comprehensive approach to fees and several American Association of Universities and SUNY campuses have also instituted a Comprehensive Fee.

Summary of All Components of the Comprehensive Fee

Categorical Breakdown of Expenditures for 2018-19
Category Percentage of Comprehensive Fee Report
Athletic Fee
14.86% See Fee Report
Campus Life
6.90% See Fee Report
College Fee
5.32% See Fee Report
Health Fee 15.79% See Fee Report
Technology Fee 39.16% See Fee Report
Transcript Fee
0.24% See Fee Report
Transportation Fee 16.21% See Fee Report
Recreation Fee 1.51% See Fee Report

Student Benefits and Impacts

  • Better communicates the cost of attendance
  • Reduces multiple fee waivers required of some students
  • Simplified student invoices
  • Improves campus processing of payments

Student Access

  • Comprehensive Fee website updated frequently to keep students and community abreast of changes
  • Waiver information and application available online
  • Professional staff member available to answer questions and to process waiver requests
  • Fee coordinators available to answer questions
  • Student input on fee planning through Intercollegiate Athletic Board, Student Health Advisory Committee, Student Union Advisory Committee, Broad Based Fee Student Advisory Groups on Transportation and Campus Life, as well as Academic Excellence and Success and College Fees. Input solicited in development of campus technology plans.

Actual Expenditures

pie chart of comprehensions fee expenditures by function.
pie chart of comprehensions fee expenditures by component.

Overall Comprehensive Fee: $66,167,339

On this page:

Athletic Fee: $9,835,073

Supports 20 competitive sports teams, open and structured recreation (payroll and infrastructure), intramurals and sports clubs. 

  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Recreation and Intramural Services

Campus Life: $4,568,450

Supports programs and facilities that promote the quality of campus life.

  • Academic and Co-Curricular Personal Development
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Student Engagement
  • Standards and Safety

College Fee: $3,517,923

Supports activities of various university operations.

  • University Police
  • Academic mission of university
  • 3E Programs (Interdisciplinary Faculty Teams, Student Research Support & Programs)

Health Fee: $10,447,343

Provides health services to students.

  • Health Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Health Promotion
  • Accessibility Resources
  • Standards and Safety

Recreation Fee: $1,001,539

Provides student employment opportunities, recreation and intramurals infrastructure.

  • Arena monitors, team store attendants, life guards, fitness instructors
  • Aquatics, informal and structured recreation, fitness centers

Technology: $25,912,433

Builds and maintains an infrastructure that will enable UB to offer its students the highest quality learning environment; used to address specific technology needs such as computing and information technology, library automation, remote network access, public computing sites, and student system automation.

  • Digital Libraries
  • Educational Technology
  • Classroom Upgrades
  • Student Services

Transcript Fee: $159,744

Provides transcript services to students and alumni.

  • Transcript services and official transcripts

Transportation: $10,724,833

Provides parking and transportation services to the University.

  • Transportation Services
  • Parking Services

Fee Contact

Student Accounts

Phone: 716-645-1800