Comprehensive Fee Waiver Request

A new waiver must be submitted for each semester. Students cannot waive the College Fee, Technology Fee, or the Transcript Fee components.

Submission Deadlines

Waiver form is unavailable

Waiver form for Summer 2020 will be available in early May

Waiver Guidelines

  • In order to receive the Comprehensive Fee Waiver, a student’s coursework must take place outside of the University at Buffalo grounds.
  • If a waiver is granted, then the Health Services, Transportation, and Campus Life Fees will be waived. Undergraduate students will also have the Athletics and Recreation Fees waived during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Students cannot waive the College Fee, Technology Fee, or the Transcript Fee components. Graduate and professional students are not charged the Athletics and Recreation Fees.
  • If we cannot determine if your course(s) are online or off campus, we will email you a department verification form. You will need to have the department who offers the course(s) complete the form and return it to our office before your waiver can be processed. An email confirmation will be sent when the waiver has been processed.
Student Health Insurance

Waiving the Health Services Fee does not automatically waive the Student Health Insurance charge. For questions on how to waive your insurance charge, contact the Student Health Insurance Office at or visit

Waiver for Student Activity Fee

In order to receive a waiver of the Student Activity Fee, a student must contact the executive board of their student government to review their waiver request. In order to determine to which government you pay a Student Activity Fee towards, please refer to your billing statement.

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