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Toyota institute awards UB $2.4 million to hunt for new materials


Published March 31, 2017

portrait of Krishna Rajan outside on a spring day.
“...We are committed to finding innovative and cost-effective solutions that transform how society addresses climate change, national security and other pressing issues.”
Krishna Rajan, Erich Bloch Endowed Chair
Department of Materials Design and Innovation

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has awarded UB $2.4 million for materials science research that aims to make next generation vehicles carbon-neutral.

Krishna Rajan, ScD, Erich Bloch Endowed Chair of the Department of Materials Design and Innovation (MDI) at UB, is the grant’s principal investigator.

The award — part of a $35 million investment involving several universities and a materials research company — funds projects that use artificial intelligence to help accelerate the design and discovery of new materials.

The materials will help create technology for batteries and fuel cell catalysts designed to power future zero-emission and carbon-neutral vehicles.

“Toyota recognizes that artificial intelligence is a vital basic technology that can be leveraged across a range of industries, and we are proud to use it to expand the boundaries of materials science,” said TRI Chief Science Officer Eric Krotkov. “Accelerating the pace of materials discovery will help lay the groundwork for the future of clean energy and bring us even closer to achieving Toyota’s vision of reducing global average new-vehicle CO2 emissions by 90 percent by 2050.”

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