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Guiding Principles (PDF) . . .[Concerning Appointment, Promotion, Tenure & Clock Stop]

Tenure Clock Stops:

There is a brief statement on tenure clock stops embedded within the Guiding Principles document above for the purpose of advising about alternate use of title during the clock stop period.  For the purposes of understanding administrative practice the following notes apply:

If the reasons for the tenure clock adjustment is a "critical life event", e.g. childbirth, personal or family member serious illness, elder care issues, etc., the clock stop does not require prior provostal approval.  The faculty member should inform the Chair of the reasons for the necessary clock stop, the Chair should write a memo to the Dean, and the Dean then should grant the clock stop for a specified period and send a copy of that memo to the Office for Faculty Affairs so that we can keep it on file in case any questions arise later when the faculty member is up for tenure.  The usual time period for clock stops for these reasons is one year, but if the reason endures for a longer period, e.g. the illness persists; the clock stop may be for a longer period.  Clock stops for childbirth may be granted on a gender neutral basis; these are different from maternity leave.

If the reason for a clock stop adjustment is a research setback due to circumstances beyond the faculty member's control, the clock stop must be approved by the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Office. Because the individual circumstances vary, these clock stops are evaluated on a case by case basis. Examples of such reasons have included delays in setting up labs or obtaining equipment; data destruction; animal problems; university press editor quitting and losing manuscript . . . The process is: faculty member makes request to Chair, who then transmits to Dean with a recommendation, Dean makes recommendation to Office for Faculty Affairs, and the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs reviews and either approves or disapproves.

It is preferred that clock stops be granted for a year; that makes keeping track of contract renewal periods much easier, and keeps people “on cycle” for coming up for tenure in the  normal semester.  Also, just because one has a clock stop with extra time does not mean one has to use the extra time. i.e. he/she could come up for tenure if ready even if he/she still has extra time due to the clock stop.


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