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The University at Buffalo Faculty Senate serves as an independent governance body representing the voting faculty (and the university) on educational policies (academic freedom, admissions, curriculum, teaching, degrees, research, promotion, and tenure) as stipulated in the Bylaws of the Voting Faculty, the Charter of the Faculty Senate, and the Standing Orders of the Faculty Senate. With Chancellor Nancy Zimpher's enthusiasm and relentless support for shared governance throughout the SUNY system at all levels, and in partnership with each of the five pillars of shared governance (faculty, professional staff, students, administration, and university councils/alumni organizations), The University at Buffalo Faculty Senate has taken on additional matters including budgets, councils, foundations, and administrator evaluations. The University at Buffalo Faculty Senate currently represents more than 1,700 full-time voting faculty. The Faculty Senate meets once a month and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee meets thrice a month during the academic year; guests are always welcome. The Faculty Senate has thirteen standing committees that do a herculean amount of work for the senate. -Dr. Philip L. Glick, Chair of the Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Statement on Diversity, Inclusion, Academic Freedom, and Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression

Whereas, considering recent events with regard to charges of racism and discrimination on campuses across the country, and the events surrounding a performance art exhibit on our campus that, regardless of intent, was hurtful to many and,

Whereas, the University at Buffalo faculty reaffirms that our university aspires to be a community of diversity and inclusion governed by responsibility, tolerance and mutual respect, where discrimination is met with disapproval and dealt with in accordance with applicable laws, policies, and regulations, and

Whereas the University at Buffalo is a public forum of ideas, some of them unpleasant to many and many of them unpleasant to some,

Therefore be it resolved that hidden and unacknowledged issues of racism and discrimination against any group should be brought to the surface by appropriate study with evidence-based conclusions so they can be examined and addressed, and

Therefore be it resolved that all issues should be addressed through thoughtful discussion and education and the application of applicable laws, policies, and regulations, and

Therefore be it resolved, as a community and as individuals we must uphold academic freedom and freedom of speech and artistic expression in accordance with the United States Constitution and the laws of the land and UB policies; at the same time we encourage discursive and behavioral respect across differences, and

Therefore be it resolved, in this public forum of ideas, we ask that all ideas be presented in a respectful manner, considering that members of our community come from varied backgrounds and nations and have varied experiences within such backgrounds and nations.

*Resolution approved by the Faculty Senate May 3, 2016 

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