President's Review Board (PRB)

President Tripathi.

The President's Review Board (PRB) is the faculty advisory body to the President and Provost on matters of appointments, promotion, and tenure at UB covering the following titles and actions:

Unqualified titles:


Appoint as Associate Librarian w/tenure

Grant Tenure as Associate Librarian

Promote to Associate Librarian w/tenure

Appoint as Full Librarian w/tenure

Grant Tenure as Full Librarian

Promote to Full Librarian


Appoint as Associate Professor w/tenure

Grant Tenure as Associate Professor

Promote to Associate Professor w/tenure

Appoint as Full Professor w/tenure

Grant Tenure as Full Professor

Promote to Full Professor

Qualified Title:

Appoint/Promote to Research Professor (Term [Paid] Appointments/Promotions Only)


Actions Not Requiring Review of the President's Review Board on Faculty Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure and Approval by the President:

Appointments to and Promotions in Qualified Rank, or Term Appointments in Academic Rank (except for Professor and Research Professor)

Review procedures developed by the departments and faculty or school (see II.C.3.) are followed in order to evaluate the credentials of candidates for (a) appointment, reappointment, and promotion to all Adjunct, Visiting, and Clinical ranks, and Research ranks below the level of Professor; (b) appointment as Associate Professor/Associate Librarian without tenure; (c) appointment, reappointment, and promotion to Instructor, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Assistant Librarian, and Senior Assistant Librarian .

The review board does not review any of the preceding appointments and promotions. Furthermore, the president has delegated final approval to the provost and the vice president for university services in their respective area for these appointments or promotions.


The President's Review Board is comprised of a Chair, who must be a senior Professor or Librarian (non-voting), and nine tenured faculty, holding the rank of Professor or Librarian (voting).

2017-2018 PRB Membership

Chair: Suzanne Dickerson, School of Nursing

Board Members:

Catherine Cook-Cottone, Counseling, School & Educational Psychology

Steven Fliesler, Ophthalmology; Biochemistry;

Susan Hua, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

William Jusko, Pharmaceutical Sciences

James Lohr, Medicine

Martha Malamud, Classics

William Menasco, Mathematics

Matteo Taussig-Rubbo, Law School

John Wilson, Exercise & Nutrition Sciences


Note: This list is provided for information purposes only. All inquiries concerning the promotion/tenure process should be directed to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. Any contact with the Chair or individual members of the PRB about pending or upcoming cases could jeopardize the review process. Candidates are advised that PRB members are explicitly instructed not to discuss any case under review at any level.

Board members are appointed for staggered three-year terms, beginning on September 1 and ending on August 31.