New Faculty Academy

CEI Faculty Collaboration Studio.

The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) Faculty Collaboration Studio is designed as the university’s innovative pedagogical research and teaching experimentation hub and provides faculty with a dedicated space to create, share, design and experiment with innovative models and learning designs.

Registration for New Faculty Academy is by invitation only.

In collaboration with the University Libraries and the Center for Educational Innovation, The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs designed a focused, two-track curriculum for a select cohort of 20-30 recently-hired faculty to enter into a New Faculty Academy for Teaching and Scholarly Writing. Each track for a group of 10-15 is offered over four months in the fall semester, and is repeated in the spring semester, so that all participants can attend both over the course of one academic year.

The New Faculty Academy will work with faculty to produce a tangible outcome in the form of a concrete, new teaching or writing & publishing project. To accomplish this goal, participants will commit to fully attend one or both tracks in entirety. Successful participation in the Academy will be recognized in a formal certificate of completion.

The Academy will conclude with a celebration event at the end of the year that provides an opportunity to present and showcase the learning outcomes applied to individual projects in the form of highly-developed or finished projects. Department Chairs and Deans will be invited to this concluding event.

NFA Spring 2021 Teaching & Learning Track

NFA Spring 2021 Writing and Publishing Track