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Turnout may be impacted by October surprises, James Campbell tells the BBC.


Mark Bartholomew says the FCC rules do not go far enough and is quoted in the Associated Press.


The Wall Street Journal reports on the wave election, going back to 1960, based on the observation that congressional pickups of the party that wins the presidency are often lost in the following midterm election, according to James Campbell.


The Washington Post looks at where money from breast cancer awareness month goes and quotes Charles Lindsey.


John Leddy tells the Wall Street Journal most children need a couple days of rest after a concussion.


Jacob Neiheisel appeared live on CNBC's Squawk Box and said the clock is running out for Donald Trump.


Samantha Barbas says Trump won't follow through in suing the Times because that would open him up to discovery, in The Washington Post.


USA Today quotes Wendy Quinton about criticism of the Cleveland Indians' use of a Native American mascot.


The Buffalo News reports on UB Curriculum, UB's new general education curriculum that changes the way the university educates its undergrads.


Humans are not perfect and may benefit from using algorithms to supplement their skills, but symptom checkers have limited accuracy, Leslie Bisson tells Reuters.