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UB's David Schmid points to the O.J. Simpson trial as a flashpoint for the new "true crime" genre because of the level of familiarity it game the public.


Inmates who are expert psychopaths can use their wiles to manipulate others into helping them with a crime, says UB's Charles Ewing.


Charles Ewing, UB professor of law, weighs in on the idea of jail snitches and why some inmates will talk and others won't.


"We need to better track the mental state of officers," says John Violanti, professor of epidemiology and environmental health.


UB's Charles Ewing weighs in on how two prison escapees obtaned the power tools needed to cut a path to freedom.


There is no "silver bullet" that can stop cyber breaches, says UB's Arun Vishwanath, these threats are everywhere.


It would be hard to name more than a handful of major composers of the past 30 years who have not appeared on the June in Buffalo faculty roster.


Technology alone cannot prevent cyberattacks, says UB's Arun Vishwanath, only we can stop the next attack.


Without a clear line preventing the data being obtained from being used to prosecute unrelated offenses, this kind of surveillance threatens American civil liberties, according to UB's Mark Bartholomew.


UB's Communities of Excellence connects faculty members from vastly different disciplines to create new majors and tackle pressing global issues. "Honestly, I can't imagine that the sorts of programs that are going to be conceived of can't be exciting for students," says Provost Charles Zukoski.

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