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Descendants of slave narrative authors gathered at UB to talk about inventive ways to carry their ancestors' stories forward.


"If Snowden traveled to a European country even now, the country could decide not to extradite him to stall the extradition," says UB's Michelle Benson.


The political visibility of this case, mixed with the common understanding of what happened, says UB's Anthony O'Rourke, may influence the judge when it comes to sentencing.


An excerpt from "Hitler at Home," UB's Despina Stratigakos' new book, looks at how the Third Reich used interior design to try and manipulate Hitler's image.


The opposition Hillary Clinton faces from Sanders is a secondary concern compared to the significance of her performance testifying before the House on Benghazi.


UB's Jacob Neiheisel weighs in on Hillary Clinton's debate performance, Joe Biden's decision not to run for president and the campaign for 2016 Democratic nomination.


The same technology that automakers are using to ensure that driverless cars don't crash into things will be used, says UB's Karthik Dantu.


UB's Nellie Drew weighs in on whether daily fantasy sports sites should continue to conduct business as usual or change direction and reduce their risks.


"It's difficult to say what he could have offered primary voters apart from trumpeting his candidacy as not bringing with it the kind of baggage that comes with Clinton," says UB's Jacob Neiheisel.


“There is definitely that sense again of the Trudeau-mania of the ’60s and ’70s,” says UB's Cecil Foster.