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UB's David Herzberg discusses the history of Quaaludes, the drug Bill Cosby admitted giving to women.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo notes that SUNY served as a model for the reforms made to the legislation to combat the rise in sexual assault on college and university campuses.


For every additional $10,000 you spend, says UB's Dietrich Jehle, injuries go down by almost 12 percent.


The Confederate flag started to be employed as a protest symbol against the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, says UB's Carole Emberton.


Right now, says UB's Arun Vishwanath, we don't have a viable anti-phishing technology. All it takes is one person clicking on one thing.


The honor block can be used as a management tool in prisons and its importance must be remembered in light of the Clinton escape, says UB's Teresa Miller.


Diplomats will continue to be under total supervision in Cuba, despite the U.S. reopening its embassy there, says UB's Jose Buscaglia.


While Gov. Chris Christie faces better-funded, prominent competition, says UB's James Campbell, he has a distinctive bluntness that may sit well with New Hampshire Republicans.


You want a positive-enough relationship with staff so there's not outright hostility against prisoners, says UB's Teresa Miller, but not so positive that is becomes unprofessional.


Glasses that shine light into the eyes can actually help treat insomnia among lung cancer patients, a UB study shows.

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