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Henry Louis Taylor Jr. says Clinton might not necessarily understand the phrases she uses when it comes to race in The New York Times.


An op-ed on CNN by Arun Vishwanath about the Yahoo hack says all of us play a role in preventing breaches.


Zhijie Jack Tseng is quoted in Smithsonian about the existence of hyenas in North America between 3 million and 1.5 million years ago.


A video on CNBC's Squawk Box interviews Jacob Neiheisel about Monday night's presidential debate.


Athena Mutua is quoted in Vox about the power of police shooting videos.


Ken Dauber and David Fertig weigh in on the impact of the digital age on punctuation in USA Today.


The Buffalo News posted a photo gallery of Hayes Hall to coincide with the building's reopening ceremony.


James Campbell tells ABC News recent bombings in New York and New Jersey will help Trump and hurt Clinton.


Sudhir Suchak tells CBS News that programs implementing incentives require serious monitoring.


The Associated Press reported on a study on the Greenland Ice Sheet co-authored by Beata Csatho.