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"How do you grieve when you probably won't have any remains?" says UB's Nancy Smyth.


UB's Praveen Arany talks about how dental techniques have changed -- and stayed the same -- over the years.


A 250-foot crane soars over the future site of the medical school building, as work progresses daily.


If this is debris from MH370, it will provide families with much needed closure, says UB's Nancy Smyth.


An Academy Award-winning actor, a singer-songwriter and a Pulitzer Prize winner headline UB's Distinguished Speakers Series.


The reopening of barriers between the U.S. and Cuba offers new opportunities, but it's not without risk, says UB's Henry Louis Taylor Jr.


UB's Makau Mutua says politicians want to not only demonize the West, but also demonize a sector of the society in Africa who are friendly to the West.


There will be opposition from fast-food owners to the $15 pay recommendation, says UB's Jerry Newman.


UB's Isaac Ehrlich says that in terms of economic efficiency, it would be better to impose the $15 minimum wage for New York's fast-food workers more generally.


With an increase to the hourly wages of fast-food workers in New York, the industry will inevitably have to raise prices, says UB's Jerry Newman.

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