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“They continue to take the approach of segmenting the environmental impact into individual projects that they say are completely independent, when no one in their right mind would see that as anything other than legal semantics,”says UB's Joseph Gardella.


Kyle Cunningham and Niraj Pandy developed an algorithm that comes close to matching -- and in some cases improving -- a schedule the NFL produces each year.


UB product design analyst says irresponsible e-waste disposal is a trend that may worsen in the coming years if our penchant for paper-thin technology endures.


UB's Gary Giovino calls study's approach "a very reasonable one that appears to have been successful."


Thomas Curley, a 2000 graduate of the Department of Media Study, wins award for Best Sound Mixing. It was a "huge challenge to do the script justice with the sound," he says.


Communications expert Arun Vishwanath says we need to begin taking a closer look at the cyberbehaviors that lead to breaches.


Research by UB biologist Victor Albert shows that when it comes to this aquatic plant, great, wonderful, wacky things can come in small genomic packages.


You can’t control all of your kids’ decisions, but you can help them make good choices in situations where alcohol is available, says UB psychologist.


UB smoking cessation expert looks at why some young people use e-cigarettes, what the devices contain and whether they're a "gateway" to cigarettes.


A UB study found that even among heavy-drinking men, the Super Bowl can lead to especially high amounts of alcohol consumption.