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Research by UB's Dietrich Jehle shows that people can end up with more than a red face -- injuries include broken legs and concussions.


“Hollywood is definitely going to see a rise in pot-related stories,” says UB's Elayne Rapping.


Jerome O'Connor weighs in on the new design, which doesn't need as many piers.


UB's Daniel Antonius discussed the psyche of the prospective jurors.


UB is being recognized for going above and beyond to provide an environmentally conscious "green" campus life.


Instead of treating contaminated sediment as merely waste that needs to be moved and capped, contaminants can be separated out, leaving material to create new dredge landscapes, says Sean Burkholder.


Companies include Illuminating Diagnostics, a biotech company founded by UB alum Sarah Scouten, which will create diagnostic testing for early detection of hospital-borne infections.  


Dietrich Jehle, UB professor of emergency medicine, offers expert analysis of why walking while texting is dangerous.


UB geophysicist Beata Csatho has just completed the most comprehensive satellite survey of that ice cover.


Arun Vishwanath asks, "Where's the outrage over the Sony hack?"