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Slate looks into team chemistry and Katerina Bezrukova says teams must strike an optimal balance between diversity and homogeneity.


Repeated exposure to foods increases children's preferences and intake, Myles Faith tells Reuters.


Mark Bartholomew tells Yahoo News there are different rules about what is fair and foul when it comes to targeting kids with advertising.


CNBC interviews Jacob Neiheisel live about the legislative gridlock that President Trump is starting to learn about during his first 100 days in office.


James Campbell is cited in The Washington Post for his forecasting model that had the race pretty close to a toss-up.


Mark Bartholomew writes in The Conversation that advertising is encroaching on public space like never before and that there are dangers to this trend, along with legal remedies – if people care enough to actually do something.


The Washington Post reports on research conducted by Jacob Neiheisel that found disagreements over Donald Trump's candidacy actually led some evangelicals to leave their churches.


Laina Bay-Cheng writes an article in the International Business Times that explores her study that found appearances of gender equality can be deceiving.


Arthur Edelman tells The Washington Post it is crucial to March for Science at a time when the NIH can only fund nine out of every 100 grant proposals submitted.


Carine Mardorossian tells USA Today the reality is that Bill O’Reilly’s fall does not signal the dawn of a more enlightened view on sexual discrimination.