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There will be opposition from fast-food owners to the $15 pay recommendation, says UB's Jerry Newman.


UB's Isaac Ehrlich says that in terms of economic efficiency, it would be better to impose the $15 minimum wage for New York's fast-food workers more generally.


With an increase to the hourly wages of fast-food workers in New York, the industry will inevitably have to raise prices, says UB's Jerry Newman.


"We can label things what we want, but it's irrelevant because nature uses its own logic," says UB's Dejan Stojkovic.


An $800,000 grant will fund research that may lead to more powerful weapons, energy savings and reduced crew numbers.


"Having him acknowledge their existence and the hardship they face is extremely significant," says UB's Teresa Miller of President Obama's visit to a federal prison.


Obama's visit to a federal prison -- the first by a sitting president -- was of huge significance to inmates, who are typically left to feel invisible, says UB's Teresa Miller.


The number of infant deaths due to improper sleeping position -- there were more than 3,500 in 2013 -- is largely the result of traditions, including mothers passing on the incorrect methods, says UB's Deborah Rains.


EMTs experience tense encounters when dealing with dying patients and  their families, according to research from UB's Deborah Waldrop.


UB held its first meeting of the Buffalo Jamaica Innovation Enterprise, which will explore ways to share research and clinical findings to help both countries.

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