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Exposing toddlers to unnecessarily high levels of salt and sugar could lead them to develop a desire for these tastes for the rest of their lives.


Technology can only work when it is deployed as a tooll by a terrific, highly trained teacher, says UB education expert.


UB psychologist says phonological information enables children to better identify individual words.


UB researchers have noticed a link between popular Super Bowl commercials and the stock prices of companies that air them. But it's not easy to profit from this tendency.


New research by UB psychologist Chris McNorgan suggests that relying on phonics, a method of learning where an individual sounds out words, helps students to learn reading faster when compared with the whole-language technique, which hones in on visually memorizing word patterns.


UB research shows that humanity’s ancestors may have evolved genetic variations associated with certain diseases in order to benefit health.


It's ironic that the genes responsible for certain health problems evolved to help us, but it's a reminder that physical traits are not always all good or bad.


Games can be this really important tool for teaching people what the right decision might be, says UB's Matthew Grizzard.


Hackers gain access to computers and networks by exploiting the weaknesses in our cyber behaviors. Arun Vishwanath explains how to fight back.


Cuomo also announced plans to invest more in a state venture fund aimed at assisting start-up companies across the state.