Graduate Stipends

Revised April 16, 2018

The university very much values the talent and dedication of our doctoral students. This is why the UB College of Arts and Sciences and its academic departments have worked to steadily increase graduate student funding over the past two years.

Graduate assistants at UB today receive a total funding package averaging about $38,000 on average, which includes tuition scholarship, stipend and health benefits. The university believes this represents a significant investment in our doctoral students.

While many of UB’s academic departments do offer graduate assistant stipends that are on par with national averages, we recognize there are some academic departments whose stipend levels are below national benchmarks. The university’s College of Arts and Sciences is working with department chairs to increase graduate stipends in those academic departments.

For example, the English Department this year announced a plan to increase stipends by $3,000 in fall 2018 and by $5,000 within four years, bringing the stipend amount to $20,000 for the nine-month academic year.  Under the new plan, stipends in UB’s English department exceed the national average of $16,364 for that academic discipline.

UB’s investment in stipends and tuition scholarships for graduate students has grown by $7.4 million over the past four years.

Other facts and figures:

  • Stipends at UB are awarded for the nine-month academic year at 20 hours per week.  The average UB stipend is $17,343. When annualized, this amount equates to $28.91 per hour.
  • UB's average stipend is ranked 12th among 23 public universities in the Association of American Universities.
  • The UB Foundation provides $4.16 million annually in support of UB graduate students in the form of scholarships, fellowships and graduate student stipends.
  • A total of $48.5 million was invested by the university in graduate stipends and tuition scholarships in 2016-17.
  • The university remits to SUNY the cost of tuition scholarships provided to graduate assistants.