UB raises minimum stipends for full-time, fully funded PhD students

Published December 5, 2022

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly listed the 12-month stipend as $29,990.

UB will raise minimum stipends to $23,000 and $29,900 for full-time, fully funded PhD students on 10-month and 12-month appointments, respectively, effective fall 2023. These increases will ensure that PhD stipends remain competitive and UB programs are able to recruit the very best PhD students to the university.

As part of the PhD Excellence Initiative, UB in 2019 raised minimum PhD stipends for full-time, fully funded PhD students and established a process to regularly review minimum stipend amounts for competitiveness and cost-of-living standards. The new minimum stipends were recommended to Provost A. Scott Weber by the dean of the Graduate School and a stipend review committee. 

Weber notes that recruiting and retaining excellent PhD students is critical to the university’s success and aspiration to be recognized among the Top 25 of public research universities.