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A passion for mountain climbing has kept four men with UB connections close for more than a decade.


Campus Living upholsterer Maureen Matesic adds a special touch to furniture she crafts for UB's residence halls.


Stephanie Phillips, a faculty member in the new Department of Engineering Education, finds similarities between technical writing and writing for comics.


Biochemistry professor Murray Ettinger retires after 48 years at UB, but his lore lives on.

The View

Faculty experts weigh in on trending topics. Their views and opinions are based on their expertise and research, and do not represent the official positions of UB.


Before you attribute a trait to a famous ancestor, you might want to see how much DNA you really share, says UB faculty member Lynn Kozlowski.


Some 75 public health undergraduates made history last semester by authoring their own open-source textbook.


The models of a patient's vascular system help surgeons better prepare for delicate operations for stroke, aneurysms and heart failure.


UB geologist Margarete Jadamec explains why Alaskan plate tectonics generate massive earthquakes.

Question & Answers


UB medical student Bradley Frate talked with UBNow about his month-long internship as a medical researcher for “The Dr. Oz Show.”


As we near the midpoint of the spring semester, President Satish K. Tripathi sat down with UBNow to talk about a range of issues of interest to the campus community.


2019 campaign co-chairs Aviva Abramovsky and Mark Alnutt talk with UBNow about why the UB Faculty Staff Campaign means so much to them.


As part of a new series with UB’s deans, law school dean Aviva Abramovsky talked with UBNow about the school’s priorities, new programs and recent successes. 

Awards & Recognition


Public health researcher Gregory Homish will serve on the Social Sciences and Population Studies B Study Section.


The public health researcher will develop position stands for the American Heart Association in the areas of physical activity, sendentary behavior and cardiovascular disease.


The UB history professor will use the prestigious award from the American Council of Learned Societies to work on his second book project.


The Jacobs School senior associate dean will serve on the National Board of Medical Examiners, which oversees the licensing exams for physicians.