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While volunteering in New York City, UB addiction medicine physician Tildabeth Doscher sees its effects up close


Nursing scholar Yu-Ping Chang aims to change the way traditional primary care approaches mental health.


UB staff member Dan Ryan is lifting up his North Buffalo community with the sounds of his bagpipes.


A generation of Puerto Rican chemists has thrived in Buffalo, thanks to the mentorship of UB faculty member Luis Colón.

The View

Faculty experts weigh in on trending topics. Their views and opinions are based on their expertise and research, and do not represent the official positions of UB.


Urban studies expert Henry Louis Taylor Jr. says this moment in history calls for a broad reimagining of societal institutions.


Cecil Foster says George Floyd’s death and the protests over his killing have brought the country to “what could be a new abolitionist moment.”


Cecil Foster says the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death speak to and illustrate a flawed notion of citizenship in the U.S.


UB election law expert James Gardner warns that with the COVID-19 pandemic likely suppressing voter turnout, threats to legitimacy will be high.

Question & Answers


Architecture professor Korydon Smith talks about the partnership to develop a DIY fabric mask that is not only protective, but affordable and scalable.



Law professor Mark Bartholomew talks about contact tracing, which may become routine as we move from shelter-in-place to a less-restricted life.


UB political scientist Jacob Neiheisel says the voting booth still serves a vital purpose, despite technological advancements and alternative voting.


Joann Sands, an expert in disaster preparedness and response, talks about the importance of nurses in managing a health crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Awards & Recognition


UB’s retired vice provost for international education has been honored by NAFSA: Association of International Educators for his achievements in international education and exchange.


It's been a busy year for composer David Felder, who released three new recordings, as well as transitioned June in Buffalo to a virtual format.


The pharmacy school faculty member has been recognized by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy.


The longtime UB faculty member and SUNY Distinguished Professor is an expert in geography and biostatistics.