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Your Colleagues



Jonathan Manes is joining UB's law faculty this fall to establish a new clinical program to support government accountability work.


Nicole Hallett is joining UB's law faculty this fall to establish a new clinical program to help underserved communities.


A documentary by UB faculty member Andrew Stott examines the sub-culture of our hometown stand-up comedians.


For UB scientist Frederick Sachs, creating steel sculpture represents a totally different mindset from doing research in the lab.

The View

Faculty experts weigh in on trending topics. Their views and opinions are based on their expertise and research, and do not represent the official positions of UB.


Karl Fiebelkorn says that when it comes to purchasing medicine online, the convenience does not outweigh the risks.


Two UB faculty members talk about how society can navigate the balance between pain management and the risk of addiction.


Jonathan Katz says Orlando shooting was homophobic murder, not act of terrorism.


Faculty member Irus Braverman says the uproar about the animal's killing raises key questions about the role of zoos in society.

Question & Answers


Performing as a stand-up comic was about the farthest thing from Art Edelman’s mind when he came to Buffalo to join the UB faculty.


Longtime UB faculty member Phil Stevens talks about the implications of the Brexit vote and Donald Trump on higher education.


Social media specialist Erin Goetz talks about Snapchat and why UB has a presence on the popular channel.


Jay Roorbach, UB's new senior emergency planning coordinator, ensures UB is prepared to respond to any given situation.

Awards & Recognition


UB faculty member Edward Bednarczyk is president-elect of the American Pharmacists Association’s research section for 2017-18.


The Raymond C. Reese Research Prize recognizes research that impacts structural engineering design practice.


The honor from the American Chemical Society recognizes UB professor Luis Colón for his outstanding accomplishments in chemistry.


Dental school researcher Mira Edgerton is the recipient of the 2016 Distinguished Postdoc Mentor Award.