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Forgot Your UBITName Password?

CIT Help Desk employees assist a student.

Learn how to reset your UBITName Password.

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I Know My Security Questions

Method 1: Answer Your Security Questions

When you first activated your UBITName through the UBITName Manager, you had the opportunity to set up four security questions. If you set them up, answer them now to access your UBITName and change your password to something you will remember.

1. Follow the link above to the UBITName Manager

2. Enter your UBITName

3. Click Continue

4. Solve the CAPTCHA Security Check

5. Click Continue

6. On the Login Options page, choose the SECOND LINK, which is labeled: I forgot my password (answer Security Questions).

7. Answer your security questions. They are NOT case sensitive.

8. Click Continue

9. On the Home screen, in the Password Manager box, click the Change password link

10. After reading the password requirements, type your new password in the New password field. You may use one of the randomly generated "Suggested passwords" from the dropdown box, or create your own

11. Type your new password again in the Verify password field

12. Click the Change Password button

If your new password did not meet the password requirements, you will receive an error message telling you what the problem was.

Note: The Password Strength Meter (which changes colors as you type) only indicates how difficult it would be for a malicious computer program to guess your password. A green bar does not necessarily mean that your choice meets all of the password requirements.

I Do Not Know My Security Questions / I Never Had Security Questions

Method 2: Contact the CIT Help Desk

If you do not remember the answers to your UBITName Manager security questions, you did not set security questions or need a new one-time password, the CIT Help Desk can help.

Choose from the following 2 options:

  • Bring Photo ID In Person:
    Bring  photo I.D. to the CIT Help Desk walk-up counter, inside the entrance to the Lockwood 2nd floor Cybrary. Your photo I.D. must meet the requirements below. A UB Card with your picture on it is only accepted at the CIT Help Desk walk-up counter.
    - or -
  • Fax a copy of your ID:
    Fax your request to 716-645-3617. (Fax services are available for purchase at stores like FedEx Office, Staples and Office Max.) Your faxed request must include:
    • Your full name as it appears in University records - the name you used when applying to UB (students) or that you used on employment information with Human Resources (faculty, staff)
    • Your UBITName
    • A telephone number where you can be reached during CIT Help Desk hours of operation
    • A copy of photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport) that:
      • Is government-issued
      • Shows your date of birth
      • Is in English
      • Is legible
      • Is current (not expired)

If you fax your request, CIT Help Desk staff will contact you at the telephone number you provide, and give you a new, one-time password. You will use this one-time password to repeat the process to Activate Your UBITName.

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