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Winter Session Undergraduate Courses

January 4 to 22, 2016

Course descriptions are linked to the titles (right) and available as a pdf download (below). In the course descriptions, the PHI class registration numbers are linked to HUB's  Undergraduate Academic Schedule, which shows room location, enrollment, registration, and more.

Course Descriptions

PHI 101 Intro to Philosophy

Examines general topics in various areas of philosophy showing different sides of issues; develops critical thought and philosophical method.

PHI 107 Ethics

Introduces value theory, good and bad, justification of obligations to others, relationship of free choice and determinism, and contemporary moral problems analyzed by ethical principles.

PHI 115 Critical Thinking

Examines techniques of problem solving, decision making, and evaluating pros and cons of an issue; organizing data; forming strategies and giving reasons; perceptual, cultural, emotional, intellectual, and expressive blocks to thinking; and simple inductive reasoning and statistical fallacies.

PHI 237 Social and Ethical Values in Medicine

Examines current ethical positions and their application to ethical and social questions in medicine.