Summer Session

Online Courses Summer 2018



—UB Summer Philosophy courses are conducted entirely online.
—Our online courses do not require students to be on campus at any time.
—Summer session dates are specified in each course description.
—Each course title and registration number is linked to the HUB Registration Window.
—HUB info is updated nightly through the end of the Drop/Add period.

PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy

J.R. Murray
Online; 05/29/2018 - 07/06/2018
Class #: 11206

Examines general topics in various areas of philosophy showing different sides of issues; develops critical thought and philosophical method.

PHI 105 Contemporary Moral Problems

Jake Monaghan
Online; 07/09/2018 - 08/17/2018
Class #: 12206

This course will philosophically examine contentious moral issues of the day. Among the topics that may be discussed are abortion, capital punishment, affirmative action, obligations of wealthy nations to poor nations, duties to non-human animals, vegetarianism, sex workers, pornography, legalized gambling and lotteries, gun control, drone warfare, human enhancements through drugs and prostheses, homosexual marriage, racial profiling, and legalization of currently illegal drugs.

PHI 107 Ethics

Robert Kelly
Online; 05/29/2018 - 07/06/2018
Class #: 11799

Introduces value theory, good and bad, justification of obligations to others, relationship of free choice and determinism, and contemporary moral problems analyzed by ethical principles.

Botan Dolun
Online; 07/09/2018 - 08/17/2018
Class #: 11800

Examines techniques of problem solving, decision making, and evaluating pros and cons of an issue; organizing data; forming strategies and giving reasons; perceptual, cultural, emotional, intellectual, and expressive blocks to thinking; and simple inductive reasoning and statistical fallacies.

PHI 237 J05 Bioethics; Social and Ethical Values In Medicine

Ariane Nomikos
Online; 05/29/2018 - 07/06/2018
Class #: 10586

Examines current ethical positions and their application to ethical and social questions in medicine.

PHI 237 M06 Bioethics; Social and Ethical Values In Medicine

Brian Donohue
Online; 07/09/2018 - 08/17/2018
Class #: 11207

Examines current ethical positions and their application to ethical and social questions in medicine.

Individual Tutorial Course Sections to be arranged with professor

Meeting days and times as arranged with professors. See listing on the  HUB Registration Window for Individual Tutorial Course Sections with Philosophy Department Faculty (to be arranged with Permission of Instructor.)