Adverse Weather Operations Policy

UB Seal on Crosby Hall

Published August 18, 2017

The Adverse Weather Operations Policy, approved and signed by President Tripathi, is available in the University Policy Library


The University at Buffalo recognizes that adverse weather conditions, including winter weather, can impact university operations. The safety of students, employees, visitors and guests is a primary concern in making any weather-related decision about campus operations. While every attempt is made to maintain scheduled operations, it may be necessary to change scheduled operations when adverse weather conditions occur. In such circumstances, the President or designee may make a decision to change scheduled operations resulting in class cancellations, class delays, an early departure* or a closing*.

* Only the governor can officially declare that the university is closed or direct early departure and only the governor can authorize employees to remain away from work without charge to leave accruals. A declaration of emergency, even by the governor, does not automatically mean the closure of the university.

Recommending a Change in Scheduled Operations

A recommendation to the President to remain open or to cancel or delay classes and events will be made with sufficient time to notify the campus community as follows:

  • before 5:30 a.m., for daytime classes or events
  • before 3:00 p.m. for classes or events scheduled after 5:00 p.m.

If there is an opportunity to assess the situation and potential impact of adverse weather conditions, advance notice will be issued before any actions resulting from a change in scheduled operations are required. Likewise if conditions change rapidly, a more time sensitive recommendation and decision process will take place.

Communicating a Decision to Change Scheduled Operations

 A change in scheduled operations including class cancellations, early departure and closing announcements will be made through one or more of the following communication methods:

  • UB Alert – UB Emergency Alert System
  • all campus email (faculty, staff, students), as appropriate
  •  – UB homepage
  • – UB emergency page
  •  -  MyUB, web-based personal portal
  • - UB faculty-staff newspaper
  • local broadcast media (radio and TV)
  • 1620 AM – campus traffic radio broadcast
  • 716-645-2345 – University Police campus condition phone line
  • 716-645-NEWS (716-645-6397) – UB information phone line
  • official UB social media accounts


This policy applies to all members of the campus community, including students, employees, visitors and guests.


Questions can be directed to UB Emergency Management at 716-645-3134 or