Date Management

Use the Date Management tool to easily adjust all content and tool dates in your course.

On this page:

Found in Control Panel > Course Tools, you can choose to adjust dates automatically or individually from one convenient location.

The first step of date management is to decide if you want the system to automatically adjust the previous or current course item dates to new dates.

Select Use Course Start Date or Adjust by Number of Days to adjust the date accordingly. You can also review all dates and adjust them later on the Date Management Review page.

Use Course Start Date

Use this option when adjusting for new terms.

Adjust dates according to the course start date. The current start date is shown, along with the new course start date (pre-populated if available). If content was copied from an old course shell, the system detects this and automatically populates the Current Start Date. The New Start Date expects the new course start date and is automatically populated with the new course shell’s course start date (if set). The difference between the current and new dates provides the system with the offset days. All dates on copied course content are shifted by the offset days.

Example: If a due date was 10 days after the current start date, the offset days would move the due date to be 10 days after the “new” start date.

Note: Start dates are set at Control Panel > Customization > Properties.

Adjust by Number of Days

Use this option when you know exactly how many days you want to adjust dates by.

Type the number of days you want to adjust all dates in the course by. This is based on the dates that are currently set for each item in the course, not today's date.

Example: On June 1 you adjust dates by 30 days. The assignment that was set to be due Sept. 1 is now due Oct. 1.

Note: Negative numbers move the dates back. Positive numbers move the dates forward.

List All Dates for Review

Use this when you want to review dates before adjusting them.

Select this option to display a list of all content and tools with dates in the course on the Date Management Review page. Use this option to review all of the dates and analyze them for adjustment.

Date Management Review Page

This page displays all content and tools with dates set in the course. Review all dates and adjust accordingly.

Items Supported by Date Management

All items with dates are supported in Date Management. This includes:

  • Content (items, files, audio, etc.)
  • Assessments (tests, surveys, assignments, etc.)
  • Tools (discussions, blogs, journals, announcements, etc.)
  • Manual grade columns
  • Course and Organization tasks

Note: The task due dates are moved during the bulk move process, and they do appear in the Review and Edit Dates Screen. 

Date Management does not support editing of due dates for tasks from the review and edit dates screen.

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