Journals may be private, public or simply between the student and instructor.

About Journals

A journal is self-reflective tool for students. Only the student and the instructor are able to comment on journal entries. However, journals can be made public by the instructor so all enrolled users can read all entries.

Group Journal entries can be read by all group members and the instructor. There are two ways to create a journal. You can use the Tools dropdown list in a content area or use the Control Panel method described below.

  • Journal Entries: Text, images, links, multimedia, Mashups, and attachments posted by individual students.
  • Comments: Remarks or responses to a journal entry made by the instructor. The student can also add a comment to his or her journal entry.

Creating a Journal

  1. From the Control Panel select Course Tools > Journals.
  2. Select Create Journal.
  3. Complete page options.
  4. Click Submit.

We suggest the default indexing option of Monthly to maximize student access to previous posts. Journal posts will not be available to students after the selected indexing period.

Creating a Journal Entry

  1. Open a journal.
  2. Click Create Journal Entry.
  3. Complete page options.
  4. Click Post Entry or Save Entry as Draft.

Commenting on a Journal Entry

  1. Open a journal.
  2. Click Comment for the appropriate entry.
  3. Type a comment in the Comment field.
  4. Click Add.

Instructors can edit basic properties of the journal or delete their own journals.

If a student is removed from the course, the student's journal will be deleted. All journal entries and comments are deleted.

To view student journal entries, click on the down pointing arrow underneath your name on the right-hand side of the journal screen.

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