Applied Analytics and Data for Decision Making

This third course of the Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) series prepares learners to identify and test the best solutions for improving performance and integrating operational excellence methodologies for optimum data-driven decision making. The course begins with a focus on deciphering the root cause of problems through a variety of tools before determining and assessing best-fit solutions. Learners discover how to apply ISO, Lean and Six Sigma in the pursuit of aligning organizational operations data with performance standards. Hospitality, manufacturing and e-commerce case studies help illustrate how to build data literacy while ensuring privacy and data ethics measures are in place. 

Course Duration: Approximately 11 hours

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe techniques to Identify root causes of variation and tools for evaluating potential solutions
  • Apply the Design of Experiments (DOE) technique to test improvement options
  • Evaluate, for a specific organization, which operational excellence methodology provides the maximum value
  • Explain how to foster a culture of data literacy

Intended Audience

Individuals keen on developing a data-driven mindset that derives powerful insights useful for improving a company’s bottom line


  • Some familiarity with reading reports, gathering and using data, and interpreting visualizations is helpful


There is no charge to “audit” the course. The fee to gain complete access and the opportunity to earn a course certificate is $49 per month.