Creating and Controlling Instructional Documents

This course covers the characteristics of effective instructional documents and the process of document control. It provides tools to create instructional documents that direct employees in the correct completion of activities. It demystifies the document control process, showing how easy it is to ensure availability of the most current instructional documents and eliminating one of the highest sources of nonconformities identified during ISO-based management system audits.

Hours: 8

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the function and importance of essential components and activities of document control, and the type of documents they apply to
  • Discuss how to comply with the document control requirements of the ISO Standards
  • Recognize the function and importance of primary components of an effective instructional document
  • Apply primary components to create or update an instructional document outline

Intended Audience

Anyone responsible for writing or controlling instructional documents, such as procedures, work instructions and standard operating procedures


Identification of one of the following to present for class:

  • An activity at your company that requires the creation of instructional documentation
  • An existing document for an activity in need of improvement