Finance for Non-Financial Managers

This course introduces participants to commonly used financial terminology and performance measures so they can make sense of the “dollars and cents,” and learn to make better use of financial information in everyday work life. It was designed to give participants – especially subject-matter experts who assume financial responsibilities upon a managerial promotion – a better understanding of their departmental monthly financial reports and the transactional origins behind the numbers. Topics include economic decision-making concepts, balance sheets and income statements, financial ratios, and project cash flows. 

Hours: 16

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain familiarity with finance and accounting terminology
  • Be better equipped to seek out and understand financial information, use financial information day-to-day, and interact effectively with finance department personnel

Intended Audience

The manager or engineer who does not possess a significant financial background, but whose performance would be improved with a working knowledge of financial statements and related concepts