Virtual Drop-Ins

If you see limited or no advising appointment times available, please understand advisors are eager to assist you and virtual drop-in advising times may be available without a scheduled appointment. Offices may use virtual drop-ins at different points throughout the semester. Some may use them during peak advising periods (e.g. drop/add week), while others during set advisors’ office hours. 

Virtually Dropping-In for Advising

Use these instructions to make appointments through the Navigate app or desktop version.

1. From the home page, click the Appointments icon. Press the blue "Schedule an Appointment" button. 

2. The scheduler will ask you relevant questions to determine the most appropriate office/staff member. Select the option(s) that applies and click “Continue to Next Step.”

  • If the location you select allows you to pick a staff member, you can select someone (or more than one) advisor from this list. If you pick more than one advisor, all selections’ drop-in availability will display.
  • If you do not have an advisor preference, you can bypass the selection list, as it will display first available staff for the reason you selected.
    • Some advising centers only allow you to meet with your assigned advisor. In this case, this box will be grayed out and you will not need to select anything.

3. Under the Other Options section, press the “View drop-in times” button.

screenshot of drop-in online blue button.

4. In the Available Drop-In Times page, click the “Drop-In Online” blue button next to the First Available Staff section, or next to the name of the advisor with whom you prefer to meet.

screenshot of view drop-in times button.

5. You have now been added to the advisors’ queue.

6. Be prepared to receive a follow up communication via email, phone or text with your next steps. An advisor will be in contact with you as soon as possible in the order in which students dropped in (wait times vary and can be up to 15-20 minutes).

7. If you can no longer wait and need to return later for drop-in assistance, please ensure you check yourself out.

Removing Yourself from the Advising Queue

If you can no longer wait to meet with an advisor and wish to remove yourself from the drop-in queue, go to the Navigate app or desktop version, click the Appointments icon, select the "Active" tab at the top, and press the "View Details" arrow on the Drop-in Advising session. Press the blue "check-out" button.

screenshot of blue check-out button.

You will get a confirmation message indicating that you have been successfully checked out. Press the “Okay” button to confirm.