Summer Bridge Programs

Summer view of Baird Point and Lake La Salle.

Our summer bridge programs are designed to ease the transition from high school to college by providing new, undergraduate students with the academic skills and social resources needed to succeed in a college environment.


Connecting, supporting and guiding first-generation* students throughout their college journey begins in July, with UB's Virtual First-Generation Summer Bridge Program.

* UB defines a student whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) has not achieved a bachelor’s degree at the time of the person's first application for admission to the university, or the student’s first application for financial aid at UB as a first-generation college student.

STEM Success

Students enrolling in qualifying STEM majors (fields of science, technology, engineering and math) will gain a distinct advantage before the start of their first semester by participating in Precalculus in July and August, and working with a peer mentor throughout the first year. 

CAS Success

Connecting, supporting and guiding College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) students to jump-start their academic careers this July through a virtual summer course and peer mentoring support. 

UB Thrive Grant

By participating in the First Generation, STEM Success, or CAS Success summer bridge program, you may be eligible to receive a $500 grant towards your academics for your first three semesters at UB.

Grants are awarded after each semester’s add/drop period to those students who meet certain criteria including: earning a passing grade in the UB Thrive summer bridge course, enrolling in 12 or more credits for the fall/spring semester, and maintaining a 2.0 semester and overall UB GPA.