Outstanding Service Recognized

Published April 25, 2023


We recognize the great work that the employees of the University at Buffalo Police Department have performed during the first quarter of 2023.

Employees of the Quarter, First Quarter 2023

Lieutenant Scott Bixby, and Officers John Sindoni and Valerie Dobson

On January 24th, 2023, officers responded to a first aid call for a possible cardiac arrest. As officers approached the scene, they could hear a female calling for help. Upon entering the room, they observed a female kneeling next to an unconscious male. Lt Bixby immediately checked for a pulse and began chest compressions as Officers Dobson and Sindoni prepared the AED. After Officer Sindoni applied the AED to the male, the female occupant of the room slumped over and became unconscious. Officers called for a second ambulance and prepared to perform CPR on the female. Information to dispatch was updated to include two victims, which led to a concern that a hazardous environmental condition might be involved. The fire alarm was activated and the building was evacuated. Officer Sindoni administered Narcan to the first individual and after a few minutes, he began to regain consciousness. Officers were able to confirm from him that both individuals had taken heroin. A few moments later, the female was also revived after Narcan was administered. Both individuals made a full recovery.

For their quick and effective life-saving response, it is our pleasure to recognize these individuals as our Officers of the Quarter.

Lieutenant Austin Skawienski, Officers Nicholas Pokorski, Russell Clamp, Sergio Disanto, Christopher Gruttaria, Christopher Kupiec, Russell Muff, Amy Revelas, Christopher Sprigg, Shannon Sweeney, Douglas Takac, and Investigator Timothy Thompson

On March 1st, 2023, these officers were involved in an extensive, seven hour long search for a student who had threatened suicide and destroyed his phone to avoid being located. The search process involved electronic records checks, numerous interviews, checks of area businesses, hospitals, and wooded locations. Officer Pokorski finally located the student, who was in possession of a knife, and safely took him into custody.

For their dedication and persistent efforts to ensure the safety of a suicidal student, it is our pleasure to also recognize these individuals as our Officers of the Quarter.

Honorable Mention

Investigator D.J. Rehberg

Honorable mention also goes to Investigator D.J. Rehberg for his successful investigation into a series of residential larcenies. After conducting several victim, witness, and suspect interviews, Investigator Rehberg was able to charge the suspect with petit larceny, grand larceny, and four counts of possessing stolen property. Excellent investigative work D.J.!

Honorable Mention Officers Matthew Kostek and Shannon Sweeney

Honorable mention for this quarter also goes to Officers Matthew Kostek and Shannon Sweeney who are being recognized for their actions on December 3rd, 2022, when they administered Narcan to help revive an unresponsive female who had overdosed on Percocet in Hadley Village Apartments. 

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