Understand and Control AMR Emergence and Spread from Aquaculture

Laguna de Bay, paweesit, 2017, Unmodified.

Laguna de Bay, paweesit, 2017, Unmodified

Laguna Bay, Phlippines, is the the largest lake in the Philippines surrounded by poultry and swine farms. 55% of smallholder farmers and 59% of commercial farms dump their untreated effluent into the lake. This water is a  source of tap water in nearby residential areas.

University at Buffalo professors Diana Aga (Chemistry) and Lauren Sassoubre (Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering) initiated a collaboration with professors from the University of the Philippines to investigate the effects of aquaculture and to evaluate antimicrobials and antimicrobial genes in Laguna de Bay, the largest freshwater lake in the Philippines. Preliminary results of water sampling conducted in Laguna Bay show 378 ppt of Oxolinic Acid, 111 ppt of Ciprofloxacin, and 21 ppt of Trimethoprim in Laguna Bay. The AMR Team is developing a research proposal to complete analysis of specimins.

The results from this preliminary research will inform future efforts to investigate and ultimately remediate chemical and microbial contamination in important freshwater resources globally. [SJ1] The results will also contribute to the development of epidemiological studies to assess the human health risks associated with exposure to antimicrobials and resistance genes.

Our Team

Diana Aga

Henry M. Woodburn Professor of Chemistry; Director of Graduate Studies

Department of Chemistry

611 Natural Sciences Complex

Phone: 716-645-4220

Email: dianaaga@buffalo.edu

Lauren Sassoubre

Former Assistant Professor

Department of Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering