Esports Design Challenge

students working at computers in esports.

In this 4-week program, students work with a team to develop and advance an idea for the rapidly growing electronic sports (Esports) industry through weekly sessions, workshops, coaching, and a pitch presentation to compete for prizes.

An Experiential Learning Opportunity

The Esports Design Challenge features:

  • Speakers to help provide information about the Esports industry and context to the challenge
  • Mentors to help students develop their pitch deck and idea
  • Presentations in which students pitch to groups for prize money

For All Students

Esports isn’t just for gamers—it's for all students, from all academic disciplines. Whether students are interested in marketing, law, or nearly any field, they can learn about career opportunities throughout the fast-growing esports industry.

Addressing the Challenges of Esports

Esports now attract more viewers per event than some professional sports outings. But with the tremendous growth of the industry comes a variety of problems. There is a lack of diversity in streaming and Esports. Female gamers are widely underrepresented. Furthermore, most of Esports is geared toward the younger generation.

The Esports Design Challenge is meant to inspire students to think about the Esports industry as a viable career option, while making progress toward solving some of the challenges, from increasing diversity to developing brands and using content for social causes.

Partners for this Design Challenge include UB Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships and the UB Innovation Hub.

I’m a psychology major, so this sort of competition would have never crossed my path normally... This experience has truly opened up a new world to me and has given me valuable knowledge and skills to bring into my future. I really did gain a voice I didn't even know was there.” Esports Design Challenge student participant