Henry Dacres: Getting To Know People

Henry smiles in his interview.

As a computer science major, Henry Dacres was used to introversion and independence.

But when he met Mara Huber, psychology professor and head of the Experiential Learning Network, he discovered a mentor who was open, warm, and genuine. On a study abroad experience lead by Mara, Henry got the opportunity to meet more warm and welcoming people, and expand his knowledge of the world. “I think traveling helps expand your comfort zone, and that’s a skill you’ll take with you in life wherever you go – whether it’s in a new job or in your personal life – being comfortable with more people and being exposed to diversity, that’s a skill everybody needs to have in life. It makes you a more well-rounded person.”

He brought back to UB the goal of continuing to get to know people -- even professors. "Professors can seem intimidating, in their offices, with all their awards. But they're people too, just like us."

Henry is continuing his education and career with newfound desire to reach out to people; even if it seems awkward at first, the outcome of genuine relationships and evolving experiences is priceless. “The first step is reaching out and talking to someone. And if you can just get through that step, the process becomes so much easier. I promise you: you will not regret just talking and asking questions and getting to know people. You won’t regret it. It’s the best decision you’ll make in your time at UB.”