Youth Leader Challenge

SDG poster with photos of youth leaders.

Help empower kids, teenage youth and students to self-organize projects changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries.

Project context

Achieving the SDGs will require young generations to care for people and planet. In fact many see youth action as priority #1 for humanity.

Successful youth-led projects and solutions already exist by the thousands and are being implemented by teen hero*ines and social entrepreneurs around the world. While inspiring, their stories are seldom shared or amplified by mainstream media, civil society, parents or schools. With little public attention or support, there is no opportunity to build further momentum or impact. 

Youth-Leader (YL), a non-for-profit enterprise based in Brunswick Germany, recognizes Youth Leadership as a cultural asset foundational to active citizenry, social enterprise, good governance and a thriving planet. Through a comprehensive suite of media, programs and resources, we showcase youth hero*ines and share their compelling stories, inspiring and equipping youth and adult allies to boost and replicate their efforts,and launch their own leadership initiatives. YL works with stakeholders and volunteers to develop and deliver dynamic media, magazines, tools, speakers, project partners, programs, trainings, and voluntravel, creating an enabling ecosystem to support and amplify the benefits of Youth Leadership.

Through our Youth-Leader SUNY SDG Challenge, we invite students to contribute their time and talents to featured project opportunities. Students' work will be pubilshed and used on YL platforms to serve students, teachers and international citizenry.

Project opportunities

Accepted students will be matched with the following project types. Please indicate interest and any specialized skills or experience in application letter/email.

  • Mapping Local Changemaker Ecosystems

Use mapping software and platforms to explore and identify changemakers and their caring allies within an identified region; develop and implement surveys and interviews to understand current support and needs; tell their stories and help create a local ecosystem connected to a global expert community. Contribute to our developing NYC feature or map changemakers in your own town, country or city.      

  • Youth Leader Magazine                                                                   

Contribute to one of our upcoming special edition YL Magazines: NY State, Africa, or Ecosystem Restoration. Our magazines include deep interviews, action guides, speaker contacts, an activity book for rainy days section, and lots of flair, fun, action and sense of adventure. 

  • Artistic Teen Hero*ine Posters 

We seek to artify our magazine and hero*ine portrait posters to amplify their epicness, beauty and influence on minds, hearts and hands. We seek unique artists' perspectives and genres. Manga style, fantasy, classical oil, collage, digital or animated media... we are open to it all. 

Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment Variable
Start time Fall, Spring, Summer
Level of collaboration Variable
Benefits Digital Badge
Who is eligible Students of all backgrounds and majors invited to apply

Core partners

YL Founder, Eric Scheider

YOUTH-LEADER founding director: Images and Voices of HOPE IVOH Award 2012, Pacesetter in Ashoka Changemakers' Re:imagine Learning Challenge, member of UNESCO Round Table for Implementation of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005 - 14.


Project mentor

Mara Huber

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning; Director, Experiential Learning Network

127 Capen Hall

Phone: (716) 829-2834


SUNY SDG Project Challenge

This project is for students interested in the SUNY SDG Project Challenge.

Express Interest

  1. Email ELN with letter of interest at to express your interest and get approval to work on the project. (Here are helpful tips on how to send this email)
  2. After you send your email expressing your interest, click the button to schedule a meeting to discuss the project. (Please be sure to include your letter of interest when scheduling the event)


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