Create Your Own SDG Project Challenge

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Transform your own idea, passion, or personal story into an opportunity for impact and adding value

Project context

Great project ideas can come from anyone, including our own SUNY students. 

Although most students prefer joining an established Project Challenge, others are eager to follow their own path and engage with specific communities, places or challenges.

The ELN team is ready to work with advanced students with clear and compelling ideas for customized Project Challenges. It is important to note that "Create Your Own" projects must follow the same SDG Project Challenge model and include the following:

  • A clearly defined challenge connected with the UN SDGs
  • Engagement with a local development or sustainability partner doing related work
  • A project deliverable/outcome that is meaningful to an identified audience
  • Use of StoryMaps to share your project journey

Note that students must find a mentor to provide content-based support during their project.

Project opportunities

Project outcomes will be determined based on consultation with ELN team member and discussions with identified partner. Please share ideas for partners and projects in interest letter/email.

Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment Variable
Start time Fall, Spring, Summer
Level of collaboration Variable
Benefits Digital Badge
Who is eligible Advanced students

Core partners

To be identified by student

Project mentor

Mara Huber

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning; Director, Experiential Learning Network

127 Capen Hall

Phone: (716) 829-2834


SUNY SDG Project Challenge

This project is for students interested in the SUNY SDG Project Challenge.

Express Interest

  1. Email ELN with letter of interest at to express your interest and get approval to work on the project. (Here are helpful tips on how to send this email)
  2. After you send your email expressing your interest, click the button to schedule a meeting to discuss the project. (Please be sure to include your letter of interest when scheduling the event)


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