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Study initiation workflow overview

The Center for Biomedical Imaging (CBI) is dedicated to advancing translational research by providing comprehensive support for researchers and clinicians. Our engagement process is structured to facilitate a seamless experience from initial contact to the commencement of a study. Here's how to engage with us:


Initial Contact: Starting the journey: The first step to accessing our state-of-the-art imaging resources is to get in touch with us. We welcome inquiries at any time from anyone interested in utilizing imaging technologies in their research.

  • Discussion of project goals: All CBI team members are available to discuss your project goals, helping you to refine your objectives and set a clear direction for your research.
  • Image acquisition and analysis strategy: We assist in developing a tailored strategy for image acquisition and analysis, ensuring that you have a robust plan (scan count, timepoints, contrast agent strategy etc.) for capturing and interpreting your data.

Official Request: Laying the groundwork: Once you are ready to move forward, we will guide you through the official request process.

  • Project setup: We will help you navigate through the necessary regulatory and administrative requirements to get your project up and running.
  • Research collaboration form (RCF): You will be asked to complete a CBI Research Collaboration Form, which allows us to gather all the pertinent details about your project.
  • Readiness: With all the formalities taken care of, your study will be ready to begin.

Development: Fine-tuning your approach: At this stage, we will work closely with you to develop the specific protocols your project requires.

  • Protocol and sequence development: Our team will aid in the development of bespoke imaging sequences that are best suited for your research needs.
  • Pilot scanning: We offer pilot scanning to ensure that everything is set up correctly and that the imaging protocol is fully optimized.
  • Training: We will provide requisite safety training (Level III or Level IV) to ensure that researchers are adept at using the imaging equipment and procedures safely.

Study Start: Embarking on research: With everything in place, your study can officially start.

  • Scheduling: CBI has a resource calendar for scheduling of scans and resources, ensuring that your project remains on track.
  • Data transfer: Secure, compliant and efficient data transfer methods are available to facilitate the smooth handling of your research data.
  • Study completion and invoicing: Upon completion of the study, we will handle all the final details, including invoicing and ensuring you have all the results you need.

The CBI is your partner throughout the research process, providing support at every step to ensure your study is a success. Contact us to begin your journey in advancing the science of biomedical imaging.