Faculty and Advisory Board

How UB’s expert faculty help advance our students and our program.

The McNair Scholars Program works to expand access to higher levels of education for low-income, first-generation students and underrepresented groups, building upon the provision that tools of inquiry and study during the undergraduate years will significantly increase graduate school admission, retention and graduation rates for these talented students.

Partnering with UB’s faculty is essential in establishing the pipeline that links undergraduate study to doctoral education. The McNair Scholars Program seeks faculty to help us support, through coaching and mentorship, eligible undergraduates who want to earn a PhD. In exchange, the McNair program can help you identify qualified research assistants to support your ongoing research efforts. Here are some areas where faculty involvement makes all the difference:

  • Participate in workshops during our annual Undergraduate Research Conference.
  • Represent UB and its graduate programs during the Graduate School Opportunities Fair.
  • Welcome visiting students who are interested in learning about UB’s graduate programs.
  • Become a faculty mentor for our Summer Research Internship Program. During this paid experience, you’ll supervise, mentor and integrate interns into your research process and design.
  • Join our faculty advisory board.
  • Identify and refer students to our office. Contact us.

The McNair Scholars Program Advisory Board

The McNair Scholars Program Advisory Board consists of University at Buffalo research faculty who hold the rank of Assistant Professor or higher. Board members lend their expertise to our program through advisement on project development and activities, in addition to serving as program advocates and mentors.

The McNair Advisory Board:

  • Serves as recruitment and curriculum consultants.
  • Acts as faculty mentors for participants during the academic year and summer research experience.
  • Encourages peers and senior administration to support the project.
  • Identifies graduate students to serve as Academic Friend Mentors.

The Advisory Board works with the McNair program staff on relevant matters to the university, whether internal or external, that may impact the program.