The Integrators

Three integrative themes—climate justice, resiliency, and making it happen—are woven throughout our entire climate action plan. Each strategy moving us closer to carbon neutrality must consider its equity and impact on historically disadvantaged communities, how it ensures stability, adaptability, and longevity of our campus, and how it engages with our teaching and research across the academy. They are all catalysts integrated into our climate efforts to impact our campus and beyond positively.

  • Leveraging the Academy
    Our university is committed to ensuring that every faculty, staff, and student is equipped to be a planetary change-maker. This integrator is focused on leveraging our campus as a learning laboratory and infusing sustainability and climate action into our curriculum.
  • Climate Justice
    The impacts of climate change are becoming ever more tangible. Their intensity and impact are felt more acutely for marginalized communities that have done the least to create this problem. This integrator will advise the other climate action areas on how to respond to new policies, infrastructure, engagement, and other impactful community programs through an equity lens.
  • Resilience
    While the world works to combat climate change, our university must be prepared for any possible future (including the present!). Our infrastructure and buildings need to be resilient in the face of stronger storms, heavier snow, increased wind, and larger swings in temperature. This integrator will consider these scenarios as the university advances its ten climate action strategies.