renewable electricity.

Not All Electricity is Created Equal

We have traditionally made electricity by burning things. Today, more and more electricity is generated from cleaner and renewable energy sources like hydropower, geothermal, wind and solar. Because these sources naturally are replenished and produce little to no emissions when converted to electricity they work to decrease the adverse effects of climate change. By 2025, UB will directly purchase 100% of our electricity from clean energy sources.

Renewable Energy.


Phase I (pre-2022): Continue to procure 100% of electricity from Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and reduce appropriately as project RECs become available

Phase II (2021): Achieve 50% of electricity sourced directly from clean energy sources through REV initiative

Phase III (2025): Achieve 100% of electricity sourced directly from clean energy sources through next phase of aggregation


New York State's energy and carbon reduction goals as well as the newly enacted Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act provide a solid foundation upon which the committee will work. In addition, our university will further policy development at the local level and continue partnering with NYSERDA and other community partners to leverage purchasing power of anchor community institutions for large scale renewable purchases.


Captain: Ryan McPherson, chief sustainability officer

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