Carbon Pricing.

Put a Price on Pollution

Carbon pricing is a system that requires polluters to pay when they emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. By phasing in carbon pricing at UB, we make ourselves accountable, operationally and financially, for the adverse impact we have every day to our climate. There’s nothing like economic incentive to motivate change.



Phase I (2020): Establish a university-wide task force to determine viable carbon pricing frameworks, models and options

Phase II (2022): Rollout of reverse budgeting and carbon pricing allocated at the unit level corresponding to buildings

Phase III (2024): Carbon pricing tied to directly financed travel (scope 1 and 3) including, Stampede, university-funded air travel

Phase IV (2025): Carbon fee levied on non-green commuting which will be invested in localized offset program

Phase V (2026): Food and materials 


Numerous financial policies will be developed and presented to the university for adoption by this working group. Regulations promulgated under the Climate Leadership Community Protection Act will help form additional internal policies. 


Captain: Beth Corry, associate vice president for Business Services

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