electric vehicles.

Electrify Our Ride

Electric vehicles are everywhere. They’re safer, more reliable, economically competitive and most importantly can be fueled by clean energy sources. With a fleet of nearly 500 vehicles on campus – from buses to facilities vans to tractors, snowplows and more – UB is heavily dependent on our wheels. Electrifying our campus fleet is critical to making a big dent in our carbon footprint while also increasing campus safety through automation. By 2025, new university mobility purchases will be fueled by clean and renewable electricity, thus phasing out the use of fossil fuel.

Electrifying the fleet.


Phase I (2019): Convene a task force to investigate electric charging infrastructure requirements, capital costs, effect on existing utilities, emission reductions, O&M costs, and other factors.

Phase II (2022): Create a triple-bottom-line framework for University units to leverage when looking to purchase electric vehicles. The analysis will clearly illustrate the EV capital and operational costs versus traditional carbon polluting vehicles which will allow units to make informed purchasing decisions. This will include the price of fuel, maintenance, training requirements, carbon impacts, and other factors.

Phase III (2025): Mandate all new university vehicle purchase (where technically and economically feasible) be EV and transition the University's bussing contract and internal bussing services to 100% electrification by 2025. 


Internal University policies will be developed and adopted to accelerate the procurement of electric fleet vehicle use across all campuses. 


Captain: Chris Bartolomei, chief of police

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