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Every Action Counts

We can all drive our campus closer to carbon neutrality by making individual changes like using public transportation, eating less meat, and being more mindful of office purchases. The university will work to create tools and opportunities to help foster these sustainable behavioral changes and strengthen a culture of stewardship across the campus.​


Updates coming soon!


Updates coming soon!


Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

SSIT at basketball.

Every Action Counts was coupled with technological improvements as a strategy in the university’s first version of the 10 in 10 climate action plan. It was separated and made into its own strategy in the 2022-2023 update due to its unique nature that can be leveraged by many of the other 10 in 10 areas. The goal of this committee is to empower faculty, staff and students to make decisions that lower their greenhouse gas impact by taking direct action in their day-to-day activities.

To help model sustainable behavior, the Student Sustainability Impact Team [RM1] (SSIT) was created and deployed in the fall of 2022. The SSIT is a group of students that are employed by UB Sustainability and work on high impact and highly visible sustainable activities on campus. These individuals have the opportunity work a few hours a week, which closely mimics the real-world gig economy of dropping in and completing a task when the student’s schedule allows. 

Goals of the SSIT

·         Increase visibility on campus with tangible work on our climate action plan

·         Access to a ready-to-go workforce for impactful programming on campus

·         Cultivation of student assistant talent for UB Sustainability

In its pilot year, five services were offered to the UB community: zero waste event kits, compost bucket pick up, energy audits, waste audits and a Hired pop-up event. Faculty, staff and students request a service through the website, and UB Sustainability leverages the SSIT shared workspace to find who is available to work the requested job. The goal is to continue to build out this catalog of services and build up opportunities to foster behavior change and climate action.


Updates coming soon!

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