Our Services

Diagnostic Services

A CLaRI diagnostic reading evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s reading and writing abilities. The formative evaluation consists of a variety of assessments to determine a child’s independent, instructional, and frustration reading levels, as well as orthographic knowledge (decoding and spelling), writing skills, sight word knowledge, vocabulary knowledge, and comprehension strategies. The evaluation is also designed to measure reading potential and to ascertain instructional conditions necessary for learning. Results of the evaluation, as well as instructional goals based on the findings of the evaluation, are written in a diagnostic report and discussed in person with parents. Evaluations are conducted at CLaRI throughout the year. Please contact CLaRI for scheduling. 

Instrutional Services

CLaRI offers four tutoring programs:

  1. After School Intensive Tutoring
  2. Saturday One-to-one Reading & Writing Tutoring
  3. Summer Tutoring Sessions
  4. Summer Reading & Writing Society

Tutoring is offered 3 times each year:  fall (September to December),  spring (February to May), and summer (early July to early August).

Please Note: CLaRI is not affiliated in any way with the “Institute for Reading Development” which is an out-of-state, for-profit institute. In contrast, CLaRI is a non-profit center at UB that has served hundreds of children and families in WNY for 50 years.