Saturday One-to-one Reading and Writing Sessions

Couple studying together.

CLaRI’s on-site program “One-to-one Reading and Writing Sessions” is now available on Saturday mornings. This program provides individualized tutoring to children entering Kindergarten through 12 grade. Certified literacy specialists provide weekly, hour-long literacy sessions on Saturday mornings that use authentic literature and research-based practices to tailor instruction to meet each child’s unique literacy and learning needs. We do not use a pre-packaged, publisher-produced or scripted reading/writing programs, but rather provide individualized instruction in one or all of the following areas: comprehension, fluency, spelling and writing. While we cannot work on school-assigned homework during tutoring sessions, we can focus instruction on literacy areas the child’s school has indicated are areas of weakness.


Our teachers are all certified New York State teachers and literacy specialists. These individuals have tutored for us before as part of our master’s program and have demonstrated excellent teaching abilities.

Parent Debriefing

The last five minutes of every tutoring session is reserved for clinicians to speak to parents about the instruction provided during that lesson, their child’s literacy progress and (if requested) homework. After each tutoring session, parents will receive a brief summary sheet that states: what instruction occurred, what the child excelled in, what the child still needs to work on and (if requested) homework.


Please contact CLaRI staff with any questions about our summer program