Apply for Saturday Morning One-to-one Reading and Writing Sessions

Fall 2023  & Spring 2024 Tutoring

Registration for fall 2023 tutoring is now open. Registration for Spring 2024 tutoring will begin on November 1st. Spots fill up on a first-come, first-served basis.  

The application consists of three documents: (1) Registration Form, (2) Academic Information Form, and (3) Payment Form. For families that attended tutoring previously (i.e., in summer or spring), a completed payment form and payment are needed to secure your child's fall tutoring spot. For families that have not attended CLaRI before or attended a few semesters ago, all three application forms are required to secure a tutoring spot. 

Please contact CLaRI's Associate Director, Ashlee Campbell, prior to submitting an application to ensure there is an open tutoring spot. The payment link will be sent to parents, once all completed documents are on file at CLaRI.  

Submitting Your Application

Parents can choose to send in the application one of two ways.

  1. Parents can send in the completed parent and teacher components of the application. (It is OK for parents to complete the Academic Information form since their child's school is most likely not in session at the end of August/beginning of September).
  2. Parents and teacher(s) can send in their respective components separately.

If the latter method is used, placement cannot be secured until a completed application is on file. School documents alone cannot secure placement.

Application documents can be submitted to Dr. Ashlee Campbell, via: