Our Facilities

CLaRI offers a unique tutoring atmosphere. Each child has his or her own personalized tutoring area that is custom made to address his or her reading and writing needs. We pride ourselves in offering a kid- and parent-friendly center. We consider CLaRI a “community of learners” – a place where children learn to be good readers and writers and where clinicians learn about developmentally appropriate literacy instruction. Please take a tour and see for yourself.

This tutoring carrel reflects the interests and literacy needs of a third-grade student. This child loves her mom and wrote a story, with the help of her clinicians, to explain why.

Students and clinicians work together to personalize the work space for each student.

Tutoring carrel of a first grader who is learning to read and write lots of vocabulary words.

Tutoring carrel of a second grader. The clinicians and child spend time every tutoring session solidifying his knowledge of common ending sounds and letters.

This tutoring area is home to an 8th grader who loves football. His clinicians not only decorated the area with football pictures, but also incorporated a football theme to many activities.

Clinicians use the CLaRI library to find appropriate text for instruction.

Children can check out books from the CLaRI library to read at home.

Kids enjoy sitting in the beanbag chairs and reading a book from the CLaRI library.

Tutoring takes place in a large room and is closely supervised by literacy faculty. Instruction of future reading teachers also takes place at CLaRI.