Geochemical Heterogeneity

Importance of sorption.

Published May 12, 2015 This content is archived.

The Importance of Sorption in Low-Permeability Zones on Chlorinated Solvent Plume Longevity in Sedimentary Aquifers (Dr. Allen-King)

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Geologic heterogeneity occurs over a range of spatial scales, each with the potential to influence subsurface flow andsolute transport.  The objective of this project is to systematically evaluate the relative impacts of soil and sorption heterogeneity on contaminant storage and removal in sedimentary aquifers.  Two types of geochemical heterogeneity are being explored using complex computer models that leverage UB CCR's HPC resources, namely:

(1) the larger scale or spatial distribution of sorption and

(2) the impact of grain-scale heterogeneity in sedimentary carbonaceous matter that results in sorption isotherm nonlinearity and concentration-dependent transport.