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Published October 10, 2022

NSF ACCESS Metrics: ACCESS Monitoring and Measurement Service (MMS) is responsible for monitoring and measurement of the ACCESS Cyberinfrastructure (CI) facilities.


This $10 million dollar, 5 year project is spearheaded by RPCI and UB's CCR.  This service is an extension of the successful TAS and XMS programs which monitored the TeraGrid and XSEDE allocated resources. ACCESS MMS collects information on the ACCESS CI including compute, storage, networking and software/data services. The main utility for doing this is XDMoD.

ACCESS XDMoD collects the ACCESS CI data into a database, is role-based and provides the various stakeholders, end users, PIs, Resource Provider staff and NSF program managers, with reports on CI usage and performance.


ACCESS XDMoD uses the open source Open XDMoD software. Open XDMoD allows academic, and industrial data centers to monitor usage and performance of their local CI, and provides custom role-based reports to their various stakeholders.