Geometry and Topology

The geometry and topology group at UB is traditionally strong in research and mentoring. Our faculty work in the areas of algebraic topology, complex geometry, differential geometry, geometric group theory, and geometric topology.

Image: Relativity by M.C. Escher. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

Image: Relativity by M.C. Escher, 1953. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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Complex and Differential Geometry
Cowen, Michael
Faran, James
Ramachandran, Mohan

Contact Geometry and Topology
Kutluhan, Cagatay
Menasco, William

Geometric Group Theory
Mangahas, Johanna

Homotopy Theory
Badzioch, Bernard

Low-Dimensional Topology
Kutluhan, Cagatay
Mangahas, Johanna
Menasco, William
Nichols, Margaret 
Sikora, Adam
Zhang, Xingru

Quantum Topology
Sikora, Adam

Symplectic Geometry
Kutluhan, Cagatay

CURRENT PhD STUDENTS (and advisors)

  • Linda Alegria (Menasco)
  • Charles Cain (Badzioch)
  • Hong Chang (Menasco)
  • Yen-Lin Chen (Kutluhan)
  • Subhankar Dey (Kutluhan)
  • Hakan Doga (Kutluhan)
  • Xifeng Jin (Menasco)
  • Wei Lin (Menasco)
  • Yuan Liu (Ramachandran)
  • Yuqing Ma (Badzioch)
  • Michael Montoro (Sikora)
  • Marc Schilder (Zhang)
  • Deepisha Solanki (Menasco)
  • Yuxun Sun (Badzioch)
  • Bojun Zhao (Zhang)

RECENT PhD GRADUATES (and advisors)

Chen Zhou, PhD
 (Ramachandran) "Lefschetz Theorem for Holomorphic One-forms on Weakly 1-complete Manifolds"

Alyson Bittner, PhD (Badzioch) "Detecting Mapping Spaces and Spaces with Complexity One"

Abdalrazzaq Zalloum, PhD (Mangahas) "Beyond Hyperbolicity; Generalizing Classical Results from Hyperbolic groups to all Finitely Generated Groups"

Robert Tuzun, PhD 
(Sikora) "Computational Search for Nontrivial Knots with Unit Jones Polynomial"

Xiao Wang, PhD
(Ramachandran) "Complex Hyperbolic Manifolds and Structures of Exotic Hyperbolic Manifolds"

Mark Nieland, PhD (Menasco) "Connected-Sum Decompositions of Surfaces with Minimally-Intersecting Filling Pairs"

Dennis Ruppe, PhD
(Zhang) "On the AJ-conjecture for certain families of satellite knots"
Matthew Sartwell, PhD (Badzioch) "Detecting Mapping Spaces and Derived Equivalence of Algebraic Theories"

Watchareepan Atiponrat, PhD
(Menasco) "Obstructions to Decomposable Exact Lagrangian Fillings"

Blake Winter
(Sikora) "Virtual, Welded and Ribbon Links in Arbitrary Dimensions"

Bruce Corrigan-Salter, PhD
(Badzioch) "Rigidification of Homotopy Algebras over Finite Product Sketches"

Gregory Schneider, PhD
(Menasco) "On the Classication of Legendrian Rational Tangles via Characteristic Foliations of Compressing Discs" 

Xiao Guo, PhD
(Zhang) "Two classes of Virtually Fibered Montesinos Links of Type SL_2"
Douglas LaFountain, PhD (Menasco) "On The Uniform Thickness Property And Contact Geometric Knot Theory"
Yu Zhang, PhD (Zhang) "Lifted Heegaard surfaces and virtually Haken manifolds"